[LF] OneDrop Brass Spike Side effects!!

Hey guys! Im looking for One Drop Brass Spike Side effects!!
PM me so we can discuss the payment, shipping and so on :slight_smile:

I live in [u]Germany… i dont know how much shipping is but i dont think you have to send it in a package… i think a padded envelope is enough!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Can’t you buy from onedrop?

And yoyoexpert

pwned lol? not really. read my BST… im living in germany and shipping from YYE is 30$ lol… please read ok? and onedrop is sold out… noobs




@deathsong: thanks but v goodies and spielograf dont even side effects :wink: and yo shop hasnt got brass ones… i got a deal for side effects anyways.

@all others: please read before you post and actually think about what you post. noob trolls :D. LOCKED