LF: One drop’s PayPal ready!

I have paypal ready
Lab experiment
14 benchmark: h,o
16 benchmark: v,h,w
Dang 2
Some of the seven summits
Let me know what you got even if it’s not on the list thanks!

Bump help a brother out!

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I have a 2013 benchmark H si!very but has a song in it that you can feel so no arm grinding! Spike hubstacks. Still smooth just that nick!

$40 shipped

Also have a Rally White w Green Rings meta! Smith $35. (No .arms I can see)

Both for $65 shipped. No boxes sorry

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I have a Dang 2 that I’m selling for $49.

Here’s the link.

Feel free to Message me if you’re interested.


Bump to keep live

Do not deal with jesus mclovin! Huge scammer he’s got people he is still saying he’s about to send theirs out after 6 years…

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i’d like to mention that paypal ready means paypal ready, not make a deal, say you’ll be ready with paypal in a week, and repeatedly fall through…


Do not deal with jesusmclovin asshole he still hasnt sent yoyos out from 6 years ago and is back and doing it again. He has been taken off the bst on Facebook… Very very untrustworthy just look at his post if everyone that has a problem with this ■■■■■■■ guy giving 3 excuses per question.

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