LF: One Drop Rebirth! Mint Condition Preferred

Hey guys, I’m looking to trade or buy a One Drop Rebirth. Hopefully we can figure out a trade but if not I can buy it instead.
I would prefer it to be in Mint Condition with No Vibe. :ok_hand:t3:
I am also looking for some side effects if you have any.
If you are interested please let me know!
Matt :smile:
This is what I have for trade-
Shark, Snack, Tactic, K8, Shutter Wide Angle, Gfunk, Shutter, Skyline, Colossus V


There are some brand new ones in stock at YYE store…


Yeah you’re right but I’m not a big fan of the colors they have in stock. Plus, I’d rather try to trade for one hopefully. Or at least find one for a cheaper price. I am a little low on cash nowadays…

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