LF- MonkeyfingeR

I’m trying to find a couple more MonkeyfingeR models to complete my collection. I have plenty of trades but can also do cash. My list is:


  • Sea Monkey
  • Ape X
  • Gelada 2
  • Tri B
  • Anything in KIKAZARU!!!

There’s a few other one’s I’m on the lookout for also but these are top priority. DM me if you have anything from MonkeyfingeR. DO NOT POST ON HERE!

Yo dude, you can only have 1 BST thread at a time. Might wanna merge/delete your other two.

Huh? I’ve never had no problems before I’ve had 2 plenty of times. I don’t see why it’s an issue, there’s a better chance of someone seeing them separately than jumbled all together. That’s crazy, I’m not trying to sell in multiple posts. 2 are just stuff I’m looking for.