LF MMP(had 1, brother took it back)

Had some really nice people here help with other stuff so thought I’d reach out…

As the title says…In search of Mark Mont Project(MIB preffered). I had an old tarnished one but it was my brothers and he requested it back so now I’m on the hunt for my own.

If you have one please hit me and Ill be extremely fair with pricing and payment. Not a reseller…


Breakfast bump

Orville Redenbumper

Bump for my flip floppy brother. Aren’t brothers great…?

Get this man a MMP!!!

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Good luck on your search I’ve been after one for a year or more every one in decent shape is $125+ or I miss them :expressionless:

Have mmn if you are interested

More looking for MMP but thank you for reaching out.

I know, tough find. Hoping for a mint one, price not a factor.

Bah-rump Nevada

@Yoyoman13371337 had one not too long ago

I sold it

Bump up the jam

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