LF Mk1 Converge - Any CW

As the title says - looking for a mk1 converge of any colorway. No need for it to be mint. I’m fine with a B-grade with ano flaws and minor scratches/scuffs/dings so long as it does not affect play-ability. However, please do not offer one that has vibe. General offer for a used converge in relatively decent condition is $70 and am willing to pay a little more if its near mint with only some ano flaws.


Can vouch for Sam as a trustworthy and genuine. He’s such a overly nice person and glad to have met him.


Can anyone help my bud Sam out?? Hes a great guy and trustworthy. Also a very generous person in this community let’s help him find what he’s looking for!!!

Can jump in for Sam too, great and trustworthy guy!

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