LF: many old yoyos! HAVE FOR TRADE: old clyw, old onedrop, g2, a-rt, sf, mowl, & way more

Hi everybody

I am looking for some older yoyo trades! I spend so much on yoyos in my life and buy so many so it is time to begin exchanging for others. I am mostly looking to trade for the yoyos that I want but please tell me your yoyo if you have something I will like from the same period and can consider!

If you demand money instead of yoyos for something on my want list I can pay and maybe sell some yoyos I have later.

The yoyos i have to trade are at the bottom of this! some of them are pending now. I can ship first if you want since i have few feedback on this website

I travel for work sometimes lately, but will be shipping out of Las Vegas USA usually. I can ship international anywhere if you need it!~


Looking for :

Madhouse Yoyo

  • 5150
  • unknown

ILYY (I Love Yo-Yo)

  • 2WEI (really want this)
  • E1NS
  • BIAS
  • Liopluridon
  • Pybt
  • Falson
  • Josy An


  • VK
  • Pre-2010 USA 888
  • USA Skyline
  • USA SuperStar
  • USA California
  • USA G5 (All like G5+ or G.5)
  • USA Mutant DNA
  • 401K
  • Old metal severe
  • Catch22


  • Peak
  • Bassalope

One Drop Design

  • Markmont Classic
  • Any cerakote yoyo
  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Markmont
  • M1
  • Wyvern
  • Code 1


  • Freehand PC
  • Freehand MG
  • Freehand Delrin
  • Freehand Mini (Escolar color)
  • Freehand 2 AL
  • Freehand One TI

Yoyo Recreation

  • Clash Cube
  • Fluffy
  • Fragment


  • Sumo or any


  • all models


  • any good and evil
  • NVX
  • the cut
  • any


  • Pure
  • Ranchero
  • Punchline
  • Any radian
  • Radian Lite
  • Pistolero


  • all oxy yoyos

Big Brother Yo-yo

  • any


  • USA torrent
  • USA Hattrick
  • 5-Star


  • any clear


  • Pacquiao
  • any


  • Cream
  • heavy cream
  • v1 milk
  • half / half


  • Hitman
  • Dark Magic 1
  • Dark Magic 2
  • X-Convict
  • Phenom
  • Phenomizm
  • Any cool and unique plastic of these

Yoyo trades I can offer you :

Mostly what I will trade for any of that stuff is in this photo below. Some is from bulk deals i purchased and some I bought and never liked. And some I own multiple of. I just don’t like most of these yoyos. There is some OD, G2, CLYW, YYF, ART, MOWL

Message me for specifications or for photos or damage. many are mint condition, but some are pending deals now.

I have some rarer older od clyw yyf and art i can offer for you that isn’t in this photo if the deal is really good

Good to take notes of clyw bvm, clyw cliff, art d7, g2 hawk, many sf, some other one drop.

Chinese lebron james poker playing deck is not for trade unless it is for peak ^^

thank you for reading please help me get some of these yoyos!


I don’t think I have any trades you’re looking for but I’m interested in the SF DLRN. Any chance you’d sell?

I send you a message


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please give old yoyofactory :frowning:


If your interested in selling the steel shutter let me know !

I will send message!


I have many of the throws yoyo are looking for. If you are interested in purchasing or have other trades send me a message.

ok i will


Pmed you

Monday is amazing !!!


I’d trade you a mint OD Still Rollin for the SK.

That sound fun!



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For sale

no made in china!!! thank you!!!

Is that a…Stutter?

I’m late :0 but I have a dinged up USA skyline, mint cerakote fat tire, eneme, DM II(cracked scuff), Meteor (yoyojam), Axiom, and some others. If you want PM me and I can send some pics!