LF Hinemosu, MSG, ASTer, Collapsar, and Ziz

Looking for either a TP Hinemosu, MSG, or Collapsar

Dm me if you have one


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Bumpity Bump (bump)

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They are in stock:

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looking to not spend 1 morbillion dollars on one

Buddy, dont wanna be offensive, but i saw Hinemosus go for above retail used…! Usually those go for a bit less than 200,- - .go get a new one at yye.


Bump, added LF for ASTer and Ziz

Morning bump…

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I own both collapsar and hinemosu. The hinemosu is definitely a better throw and has insane spin power and stability from TP is no joke. Collapser is great but heavy man i would suggest get em new or shop payy is also good