LF: Empathy Apathy, UNPRLD Flashback, Motif, YoyoFactory Genesis


bump. prices dropped. prices dropped again. :slight_smile:

send offers. please

prices dropped again

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please :smiling_face_with_tear: send offers. bump

Interested in the beater if you still have it

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bumping ing

we do a little bumping.


few weeks ago but worth a shot maybe

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bump 4 pink flashback… imagine?

I have a decently used green Flashback, $45, you interested?

this guy raised the price after I messaged him :frowning:

we bump on



Photo by others. I guess you will like it.:partying_face:

signed pink bunny flashback, that’s the grail right there wtf

Yes, this is my first and only see yuki’s signature. Don’t
know how this guy got it.:triumph:

bumping yayyyy