LF: Dressel Designs Emotion (Orange / Pink Fade)

You’ve got more yoyos than you can count. Your display case is completely full and you’ve got to make room for the beautiful new yoyo that is on its way to you. The DD Emotion in your collection doesn’t get much use, despite being an amazing yoyo, because you have many newer, shinier, higher-performance throws. You know you should get rid of some yoyos, but you can’t bear to let them go. After all, what if the person who buys them doesn’t appreciate them as much as you do?

I’m here to reassure you that I am able to give your DD Emotion an excellent home with many of its siblings where it will always be appreciated:

I’m looking for DD Emotions with the following colorways:

  • Silver (Clear)
  • Blue / Gray Fade
  • Orange / Pink Fade

I prefer fewer dings and minimal vibe, like everyone else, but I’m happy to rehome your DD Emotion even if it has had a harder life.

Note: @gc88 is looking for a Clear Emotion:

Note: Yoyomonk is no longer looking for an Emotion

Note: @Yoyomonk is also looking for an Emotion with the Blue / Gray fade. Please consider Yoyomonk before me:

LF: Emotion with blue/gray colorway

Edited to add new members of the Emotion family:

2024-06-06: Added Silver (Clear)

2024-06-28: Added Blue / Gray Fade


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Thanks for the tag! Good luck on your hunt! The Emotion is such a great throw.

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Hey @hobbygod, if we buy the seven remaining Emotions on yoyoexpert.com, can we get a new run of the harder-to-find colorways?

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I have the dark blue grey fade and I use it a lot. It has never been dinged or dropped, it is mint condition without the box. Not a single scratch I am telling ya.

I am not willing to give it away but just out of curiosity… What do you offer? You do not clarify if you want to trade or pay for it.

@Yoyomonk Question stands for you also mate.

I offer cash based on the condition of the Emotion by default, because I don’t have a lot of tradable throws based on the demand I’ve seen on the this forum. I am open to trading, though.

I’ll send you a PM.


Picking colorways is hard. You never know what people are going to like.

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Condition is 100% like new except the response pads. In fact I am so confident on that matter that if we agree, I am willing to ship it first and you can pay only for the shipping. Once you receive it you can pay for the rest of the agreed price. Of course in the end shipping will be substracted. (Let’s say we agree on 80 bucks and shipping is 10. You pay 10 and the other 70 upon confirmation). I always play above a carpet and when my 4 year old is absent from the house.

Let me know if you are onboard.

@Georgekouts, check your private messages :grin:



Actually I am no longer interested in the emotion since I have already ordered one. Thanks for the offer, also thanks @FrankDeath for the mention.


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