LF Code Red Woofa Got trades and Cash

Very much on the hunt for the Code Red Amplified Woofa, Hit me up, got cash and a few trades.

Looking for Top Right. Help a brother out!

Here is what I currently have up for trade

1st Row: CoreCo Tako (NMTBS/smooth) / OG Banshee (Some damage, plays great/little vibe if any) / Puff Adder (Some Damage, plays great/little vibe if any)

2nd Row: 2018 G2 Brass Elite (Got this in the draft, came with a hint of vibe. Minty and comes with goodies) / 2Sick Endgame (No Damage, bit of vibe but still plays well.

3rd: OD Silhouette (Mint and Smooth)

I have a few more things not pictured. I also have different Woofas if you don’t want to give up having a woofa.

if something in my trades interests you, hit me up! We can try to work somethin out

Thanks for lookin, feel free to ask around about me, I’m also contactable on the discord. I plan on keeping this updated. Cheers friends!