LF: CLYW’s, Anti-Yo‘s, Markmont’s, A-RT’s, ILYY & Nickels

I’m looking for:
CLYW: Orca, BVM1, Wooly Marmot 1, Wooly Markmont, Puffin, Canvas, Chief (the heavy one)
(Bonus points for BBB’s)

Anti-Yo, particularly the recent nickel YWET, but any really

Markmont: MMC (I really really want a nickel, please halp :pleading_face:), or OD Project

A-RT: Quail, Sparrow, Trip, Dip

Ti’s: Grey TiVayder, Wanker

I’d really like to find a nickel or copper throw.

Anything ILYY

Let me know what you’ve got, mostly looking to pay cash but I do have a handful of trades I’ll be happy to show you. Nothing super rare.

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