LF CLYW and Heavy Cream (BST look inside)


CLYW GETS BIG TRADES: Marmot, Gnarwhal, OG Avalanche, Peak,Chief!.Artic Circle,Cliff (Fools Golds are whats going down! would love some)

DONT WANT ANY: Campfires,BVMs,Bassalopes,Glacier Express, Comeback Avalanche

YYF: 09 Severe (CAPPED ONLY) Avant Garde 2 Equilateral
One Drop: Code 1
Crucial: Heavy Cream A.Y.C.E Cupcake
VS Newton:Skywalker (Cheap Beaters are always good ;D)
C3: Yeah 3 (B Grade)
Werrd: Irony (OG,GBA,OR JP) Split Decesion Hour

Others other besides YYF and YYJ (Unless listed)

Code 2: Not sure what the colorway is called few scuffs silver spikes

Code 2: YYE Edition some Scratches and scuffs blue domes

Sasquatch:Dont offer.

Avante Garde 2: Pink Unengraved 1 Mark OFFER BIG

Monster: Bombsquad Ed. some tiny scuffs

Superwide: B Grade annoflaws

Pro: Beat wobble and Vibe

Super G: Beat Bearing seat messed up wobble and vibe GONE

2 Mavericks: Beat No bearing or response

Popstar:half satined Responsive Bearing


The sky is blue due to light scattering at a certain wavelength because of water molecules in the air.


thats nice^ BUMP