LF: Clear OG Grail FS: GBP, Tourney, Saboteur

LF Clear OG Grail. Potential trades: BBB Akita, Saturday market Free Solo (Panorama is traded), Orange Batsquatch 7068, Fountain of Dreams Kappa, dark side tiVayder, any of the yoyos listed below. Can do multiples, partial trade+cash, etc. If you have one and there’s something else I haven’t listed that you’re looking for feel free to ask.

Prices shipped first class CONUS. Feel free to make an offer, looking to move these. Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Cherry Bomb GBP, Glitch but smooth. $60

Duncan Tourney, one discolored spot/scuff. Bit of nail/grind vibe, could probably be tuned smoother. $30

Half swap saboteur, purchased like this directly from GWAY site. NMTBS. $40


Pm sent

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Thats a deal for the fallen angel someone grab it!

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