LF Canvas and/or Albatross!

Hello good folk of YYE,
Im looking for for a Canvas and Albatross. I dont have a preference on colorway, but i would prefer them to be in good shape. Willing to pay top dollar and or throw in some trades. Hit me up to help me out!

I have a “lost in the Arctic” CLYW Canvas and also an G Squared Albatross. Both are Mint. I could take pics if you want. I don’t sell any of my throws but would be willing to trade if you had something I wanted. PM if interested.

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Awesome! Im not a big seller myself so i get that. Is there anything specific you’re wanting? Otherwise i can send you a picture of what i have.

Oxygene and ILYY are my collections that i’m always trying to expand, as well as Yoyofreaks. I’m also open to suggestions.

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Unfortunately i dont have any oxy or spyy to speak of. Here is a pic of what i have. Some of these would be hard for me to let go of, but maybe we can make something hapoen


I have this one for sale


What is that?

Canvas lost in the arctic

Nice. What do you want for it?

Or is it still available?


Right on. How would you rate its cobdition. Does it havr a box?

Condition is 3/5, but for this small price is good

Mind if i get some more pictures? I suppose i dont mind some imperfections up to a certain point

Ehh. Thats a bit more damage than i would like. I really appreciate your time, though. Good luck!

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