LF: beat but smooth enough general yo 5 star to buy or trade for. 70-80 or so?

Hey guys, probably a shot in the dark but I sold a 5 star probably about a year ago, and let’s just say… I’m looking to get it back! It was the version that was all one tone green with no engraving, I think the 2nd version. I’ll take any version though that you’re willing to sell.

Damage is ok, I actually prefer it, I’m looking to play it, not collect it. With that, I’d prefer little to no vibe.

Not looking to break the bank here but I have a budget 70-80 or under depending on condition (adjustable?) either way I’m happy to make it reasonable for you! I have an Alleycat and some other throws (or just cash) as compensation if you’d rather trade. Thanks for reading!