LF: Alchemy CU

Looking for an Alchemy CU (Small one) and possible a CU Later (Big one - black with green eye)

Have paypal ready, prefer mint, but anything in good condition I’d consider.


A little metal yoyo in a metal box… with an eye on it?


Yup! I lost mine years ago and I have looked around for one forever.

Used to. As a matter of fact, I see a trend lately.
Many of the yo-yos I used to own are having a resurgence in interest.

Should have held on to many of them, but at least I had a chance to try them. I also owned the Alchemy Nimbus, liked it so much I had two. All gone, lol.

Had lots of Spyys as well. The Spyder was fun, a little organic shaped one. I remember my all Nickel Spyy, liked it, looked fantastic.

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Yeah, the CU is one I just can’t seem to find a replacement for that will fill that hole. I’ve tried a whole lot of undersized yo-yos but nothing has been quite right. Thinking of possibly picking up a clique to see if that will do anything for me.

I think @Yoyoman13371337 still has one.


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Thanks, but I contacted him about a week ago and he said it was gone unfortunately.

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I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you find one.

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