LF: A-RT, have $$$ or trades

Wasn’t fast enough and missed the Donut drop. If you get one and decide you don’t want it, please hit me up. Also interested in a DK and Peon (particularly that tennis ball
Yellow) specifically as well as any other A-RT besides the following: fixed axles (besides the Donut), Grail, Quail, Furn, Garrett, Dale

All throws below are “near mint to be safe” (undamaged but has been thrown over carpet) unless specified otherwise.

I’ve got:



  • Banshee SS (silver + gold rims) w/ box
  • Pelican 19 (dark blue/purple fade) w/ box
  • maybe AL7 Reaper (red fade) w/ box
  • Respawn (Halloween 2020 engraving) w/ box, not thrown and only taken out of the box for this picture.

One Drop

  • Deeper State (black) - w/ box, one prick in one side’s cup that came from the factory
  • Kuntosh (blue/silver half swap w/ car engraving), w/ box, I think this is from the first run but that could be completely wrong.

Pool Party

  • maybe Banana Hammock (baby blue/silver fade), w/ box


  • ROOC (yellow w/ black rims) w/ box

Or some combination of the above, depending on what you’re offering of course.

Detailed pictures available upon request.

I’m only interested in the throws I listed in the title, these are currently not for sale otherwise.



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