LF: A RT Grail and 420

Trying to find a grail fairly quickly. If you have one please let me know! Preferebly anything but clear. Got cash or possible trades just let me know!

Also looking for a 420.

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Willing to over compensate as well to try and obtain one quickly. :smiley: idc if its regular or b7

Please haaalllpppp! My list is almost complete! :smiley:

I have a mint Red Grail (and some others). Also have 420’s. DM me if interested. Cheers.


Yyesssss! How much for the grail and 420?

And what all colors?

Im glad i waited too! Someone offered a grail last night but man they wanted way too much money for it.

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Ngl not a bad price if it’s shipped

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Good point - It was, and now double the price. :wink:


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