LF: A-rt 420 or other A-rt

Looking for a 420, or other A-rt. No inhalers please❤️


Dude, I have a minty 420L champagne gold. It’s the 1st run of 420L, only 50 or less are made. I bought it expensive and I’m trying to sell at $330 shipped. Is that ok to you?

Also I have a minty gold Sparrow, $250
Minty Dale, gold/clear swapped, Signed and painted by Jensen, $250

Pls let me know if you are interested. I can send you pic


Seems a little higher than I was hoping for


Keep an eye on the art web page and youtube they still release throws. Maybe the next release is june 15th? Atleast that what i kinda looks like on the product page. The last two releases (4hunna and kushionmaxx) have been really nice throws.

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I have 1/4 un-anodize direct from art 420 i will sell for half of that amount
it is raw pyramatte finish


I would lower these prices, they’re very very high…

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