LF a miracle; Banshee Shamrock Swirl, MCMO, and a whole lot more!

Putting all my wants in one post. Here’s what I have up for offer. My top want is a Banshee in Shamrock Swirl. I do recognize the value of that throw, really just throwing this out there in case the stars align with someone else. Please reach out if you have what I’m looking for, I know we can work something out!

Throws and conditions

RCS Punk - Basically mint, NM to be safe
OD Aitch - NM
Mowl M - Excellent, not first owner
OD Parlay (in ‘morning glory’ I believe) - NMtbS
OD Fat Tire in SM - NM, though I think it’s a B Grade. Not sure, as I am not the first owner. Cannot tell why it’s a B grade tbh.
OD Yelets - NM, OG run with the engravings
OD Rebirth in SM - NM this one is definetly a B grade for the slightest vibe and definite ano flaws. Still gorgeous!
OD Fat Tire 20/20 - Mint, NMtbS. Absolutely brilliant fender blue cerakote. Do not throw this one, still hesitant to part with it. Still put it up just in case.
Atmos Abel - NM Really awesome organic, has the chalky blast finish.
Atmos Snowberry - Excellent condition. Pot sweetener.
OD Cafe Racer - Excellent condition.

Wish List (in no particular order)

Atmos Pomodoro in Oatmilk
YoYo Friends SS Koi in 2023 Halloween
DD Hybrid 50/50, any color
RSO The End Ti
RSO Gravity or Martian
OD/Markmont MCMO in a red/black splash or a solid cherry red
OD Burnside 20/20 in purple
OD Halifax in purple
OD Intro in purple
OD/CLYW Summit, any color
G2 AL7 Carbine in Hail Storm
G2 Luna in Cherry Bomb

Here’s my feedback thread. Please DM me if there’s a chance we can work it out. Happy to do combinations of throws and cash. I like to think I’m approachable!


Yo I have a solid red one that’s sick! We should half swap

Sorry, really only interested in solids (maaaaybe splashes) for this models. That swap does sound sick though, if anyone out there has it you gotta post some pictures.

Dang i love this color. Wish i had one to trade.

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Would sell any outright? Interested in the Abel

Hoping to trade first and foremost. Will put these up for sale after some time.