LF: <$50 silicone groove yoyo

Hi there, kinda new to the yoyo scene.

And by new, I mean inexperienced, I got a Metal Zero back in Feb 2011.

So I’m a student still going to highschool and I’m looking to get a good yoyo for a fair price.

I don’t have money to blow on friction stickers, especially when I wore out the Duncan ones that came in the Metal Zero in just a couple hours.

So I am looking for a (preferably metal) yoyo that I can just pour a little silicone in the groove, wait a few hours and it’ll be fine and also unresponsive.

Condition does matter, and I would rather not take something that is fairly beat.

If it’s shiny, it’ll be a bonus as I generally show off to my friends ;D

EDIT: Ignore this post, all satisfied :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much for the offers! I have a deal in the making right now, but if it falls through I may entertain more.

Thank you for the interest!