LF $50 Code 2 / Chik / Summit - Beaters may apply!

Looking mainly for a Code 2 in any colourway. I would also take a Chik or a Summit, but I doubt many Chiks will match my description just yet and beat Summits are almost equally hard to come by!

I’m going to send this off to be blasted and re-ano’d so I really don’t care about colour, and I’m actively looking for something that’s seen enough play time (ie it’s scuffed and/or the seller feels they got a lot of value out of it already!) that it will go for $50 shipped within the USA (although I’m in Canada, it will be sent within the States).

As mentioned, scuffs don’t matter, and some dings don’t matter. Deep gashes are out. Ideally it will come with ultralights or spikes, otherwise I have to buy a new set of SE’s! It should play pretty smooth (doesn’t need to be dead smooth).

Thanks for reading!

That didn’t take too long! Snagged an appropriate Summit. Mods may let this vanish naturally or delete it at their discretion. :wink: