LF 2010 Team Edition Wooly Marmot

yeah so this is what i mainly want im also interested in any original WM’s but not as mush the 2012 drops. just shoot me a message or just post onhere thank you!

There is a team edition wm on eBay right now for 60$

it sold! ;D

Actually it has not sold yet. Here’s a link to it:


oh sorry :-[

It’s ok. So many things come and o on eBay. It’s hard to keep track of what sold and what isnt

actually it did sell that one on ebay is not the team edition im talking about i think thats one of the first runs i believe but
the one i want is this one right here. http://www.cariboublog.com/?p=1723 (its the second one down) so if anyone knows anyone that has one and if theyre willing to sell it ill buy! =D

bump if you guys know anyone with this yoyo please let em know about me =D really really need this one!