Legos For Sale/Trade

(G5) #1

I have an unopened in box pirate lego set Brickbeard’s Bounty. I do not have pics and I am sorry. The box has a little ware and tear but is unopened like I said before. I am looking for 5 stars, Hat tricks, Spyders, Train Wrecks , 888s, or skylines. I can ship first.


You can’t just give the link to something on your desktop. You have to attach it via the additional options below this box you type in.

I might be interested.


apatrunk do i still get the 888???

(G5) #4

When I realized what happened I changed it right away. It isn’t there anymore.


I see, but you can still get the picture up.

Click on additional options, then click on browse and find the picture, then post it.

(G5) #6

Here is a pic. Note that it is off google, I did not take it. The box is in the description at the top though.

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