Learn section

(Connor) #1

In the learn section if you click the mondial video it comes up as a video teaching you “leg wrap trap”.


You can find it here http://www.mastermagic.net/TrickVideo/Advanced/Frames/Mondial.html

(Connor) #3

Thanks! :slight_smile:



just to tell you andré told me that the video was lost. so it probably wont be fixed. later.

(DrSqueakers) #5

what do you mean, andre “told you”, just on the internet, or have you met him in person?


Iv never meet him in person so yes on the internet. I have his E-mail adress and you can contact him on this site or you can talk to him in the chat as yoyoexpert on chat nights. later.


Why does it matter? lolz


Lol seriously. It really doesn’t matter.