LE Grind machine 2, Lunatic

YYF Grind Machine 2. from 2008 nationals i think. dinged, vibes. $35?

YYF Lunatic, 2 pin pricks, smooth. $35, offer

+$5 shipping, but all prices are negotiable! PM me offers!

This was literally just bumped, so I think it’s fine if I make a post.

I would just like to tell you that you have some awesome throws right here. Lots of stuff I haven’t seen in years and really nice pieces.

Yo man, PM me back… let’s work something out

thanks man! havent been yoing in years so im kinda starting up again!

BUMP for 5* gone! trainwreck in the process possibly! and i think the FHz will be GONE real soon

BUMP. $35 for the metals isnt bad, and i can trade too