Last run of RAWR threadz for sale.

All great things must come to an end, and my limited time has prevented me from continuing these rawr threads yoyo string.
So I am selling the last batch of 10 I made and will ever make again.

So maybe for you newer ones, you are wondering, what in the hay are RAWR THREADZ?

Let me break it down for you.

RAWR’s are a string that I create that I only make 10, a year. Thats right. Why on earth would I only make 10 a year?


hardly anyone is legit enough to even lay eyes upon this stuff.
Making more would be useless as I would refuse many people who wanted to buy them.

What makes these strings so special?
Many reasons, but the main reason being that each string is hand twisted from scratch. Meaning that there is no drill, no twisting tool, nothing, just me, a hook on the wall, and the fingers working the magic. Why would I do this? On a drill, the twist is happening so quickly that its easy for there to be small imperfections, that can take away from the quality of the twisted thread and create a “not so nice” feeling string. Hand twisting, I spy and take time on each twist, making sure the slightest microscopic imperfection or kink is taken care of.

This results in a smooth as ice string that glides through the hands.

Of course people would want to buy this string right? Yeah they may want to, but sadly 80% of the dweebs contacting me about it aren’t even 1/16th legit enough to be considered worthy to enjoy this stuff.

But now as I am discontinuing this string, I am gracing you all with the opportunity to buy 10, yes TEN, of them, even though you clearly lack the level of epicocity required for obtaining such item of such a high level.

The price for this last run of ten if $4.75. An absolutely ridiculous price for something of such a high superiority over all the dweebs around these parts of town.

PM me if interested,

When you decide not to be lame anymore, gimme a call.


(note 1: RAWR threads will not increase your level of legit and awesomeness, so if you are buying to try to raise this non-existing level within you, don’t even waste your time.)

(note 2: If you were offended and took the things I said seriously, get over it, Griffons gonna Griff.)

(note 3: you guys rock.)

(note 4: 20% cooler strings, Fall 2011)


I will take them. PM sent

How legit u gottas be? I’ll buy them… send me a email with info an its done