! Who's on it?


Friend me up!

you are frm onorway!!! :smiley:

Of course!!!


Now friend me up!!! h00t h00t.

To those who doesn’t know what ladder escape is, think of a facebook just for yoyoers.

What’s your name??

I should be fairly easy to find.

So I guess that’s my friend criteria, you need enough logical sense to actually find me :o :o :o

Some Michael from Indonesia managed to find me, not sure if that’s you.

I managed to find you…
Mission suceeded…

That Michael IS me…

JUst got on it. Add me yo >: D

I just signed up.

Add me up? :smiley:

Added you…
I’m Michael Gumulya…


I’m on there, the name is Maxwell Potvin.

Hardcore max whats your name on edit edit everyone should post what’s their name on ;D

My username is MaxL and the name I’m on under is Maxwell Potvin.

Everyone and anyone from here can feel free to add me on there.

I’m on it, didn’t want to give full name though, pm me if you want my name.

So I’m probably the only guy named Jonas, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding me.

I’m Samad:

All of you add me… or else… nothing will happen.

Samad is on LE!


iam on it my user i fady if u want to add me ;D

I signed up user name Steeley, which is also my real name feel free to add i will accept.