LA little Tokyo SKW Meetup 2/16

(Neil ) #1


Hey everyone!
I know it took a while, But we are having are first Saturday meet this Saturday 2/2 starting at 7:30PM. Like usual we will be meeting up in front of the anime jungle. Come on down with whatever. A yoyo, kendama, your switch and just hang out and jam. Hope to see you there! :):grinning:!

(Neil ) #2

Reminder/heads up!
Meetup is tomorrow! It will most likely be raining and cold so make sure to dress warm. Were playing in a covered area, but still outside!!!

(Victorian YoYos) #3

I’ll be there!

(Victorian YoYos) #4

Where is everyone? Is it at 7:39 PM?

(Neil ) #5

Omg so sorry I should have specified at 7:30 pm. Sorry for that man.

(Victorian YoYos) #6

Who’s all going to be there?

(Neil ) #7

Not too sure. There’s not really a rsvp for it. We usually hold our meets on tuesdays and get around 2-3 people to show up totoaling in about 5 people. I know for sure I’m there and also a kendama player that works at the jungle. But since this is our first Saturday meet in hoping for more players to come out.

(Victorian YoYos) #8

Yeah because I’m really excited to go

(Victorian YoYos) #9

I’m on my way

(Neil ) #10

Sweet I’m downtown already so I’ll see you when you get here.

(Dean t) #11

Fun seeing you guys there

(Victorian YoYos) #12

To you too my friend

(Neil ) #13

Hello everyone!

We will be meeting up again this Saturday 2/9 starting at 7:30 pm. We’ll be meeting in front of the Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo. Hope to see you there :):grinning:

(Victorian YoYos) #14


(shubham) #15

Little tokyo is in usa?

(Neil ) #16

Yeah it’s in Los Angeles.

(shubham) #17

same as we have little India in Singapore and Penang.

(Neil ) #18

That’s pretty cool. I did not know.

(shubham) #19

Actually, I also did not know little Tokyo exists in Los Angeles.

(shubham) #20

you’re are master in 1A style of yoyo?