Konstantin Tudjarov - yoyofactory shutter video

Hey guys , I filmed a new video and I wanted to share it with you!
Hope you like it! Any feedback , likes and shares are much appreciated!

Those were some amazing tricks, and some amazing editing! It was really smoothed out and the slack tricks were great. Good Job! Keep it up!

One of the best videos i have seen for 2014!

Thanks guys!

0:10 to 0:31 - Disney World?

About the video:

WHOA DUDE! That was totally awesome. You seriously need to make some tutorials. :smiley:

Your tricks flow nicely. And I liked the editing a lot. Thank you for posting for us to see!

Thank you for the comments guys! I also want to thank you because I hit 1k views in 3 days…that may not seem to a lot to others but for me with 30 subscribers it’s very much :smiley:
Anyways, thank you!