kickside or flying panda?

My friend said that his flying panda has a longer sleep time than my kickside, what do you think?

Kickside. I’ve gotten it to sleep for a minute.

Ive gotten from 4-5.

Well samad you’re like a yoyo… addict… no offence b ut kickside… flying panda is like a offstring

It depends on a few factors. From my experience, YYJ’s tend to be crafted much better than Duncan’s, but sleep time is all in the throw, bearing being used, weight of the yoyo, and what material the yoyo is made of. Metal and metal-rimmed yoyo’s will spin longer than most plastic models because they are heavier and the weight is concentrated more toward the edges. Both the Kickside and Flying Panda are plastic yoyo’s so I would assume their spin times are roughly even, but the Kickside is most definitely a better yoyo (for 1A at least) in my opinion.

kickside has a longer sleep time, it was designed by rick wyatt!!


i got 1 min. and 14 sec.