Kickside, Journey, Lyn Fury, or Speed Maker

Im buying a yo-yo for my brother. He is not a beginner, what is the most advanced and longest sleeping yo-yo. Out of the one’s above which do you prefer.

Longest sleeping yoyo? BK2 I guess.
Most advanced ? I have no idea.
Seriously they’ll all be good.

i mean of the ones above the Kickside, Journey, Lyn Fury, of Speeder

I can’t really compare any of those because I have only tried the journey. What I can tell you is that my journey (others might be different) pretty much couldn’t do anything past intermediate tricks. I have been trying to see if I can fix it, but right now it just doesn’t sleep long enough to do any advanced tricks. I’ve heard some pretty good things about the Lyn Fury, but I have yet to try it.

Thank you

The Lyn Fury is a very good yoyo easily made into an amazing yoyo. The shape is very easy to like and it has a good weight. I would definitely go with the lyn.

i did white buddha a couple times on the journey

It might just be mine. I am currently trying to see if I can mod it or fix it. I can’t even do white buddah though. So, there you go. It’s probably me.