Khent Gaid || 2012 || 2.5 YRS

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Not that good IMO but I did my best!


Happy Holidays



when you said you weren’t the best I didn’t expect much, then I saw it, and was like woooww. I think it’s very impressive. Kept me really entertained. Nice video!


That was amazing! :o Nice job with the editing!

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ahaha. Thanks!!

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Editing was okay. Thanks again Matt!


Awesome dude. Don’t think I’ll be anywhere near there in 1.5 years.

I want an AC so bad…


Really nice video and tricks. Great job!


I was waiting for this video to pop up sooner or later and I have to say that I was not dissapointed at all.

Editing was great and the tricks were awesome as well. Not a dull moment whatsoever. Music went with it pretty well too.

Overall great video, no downside that I can think of…maby just needed to be longer, ha.

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haha I’m making an “extra” video for the tricks I could not include :smiley:

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Thanks for the comments everyone! It means so much!


Too much awesome in this video.

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Thanks!I cant wait for a contest :smiley:


To sum this up…
DAMN DUDE, that was astounding and is my new favorite video!

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Glad you like it!


Good job dude!! Keep it up! And more vids!

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There will be more soon!

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Merry Christmas Khent to you and your family man . Great video brother I will be watching it more than once that’s for sure .Great to see you throwing so well and happy! Best James

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Thank you! Merry Christmas to you guys too! Have a safe and fun holidays!