Kendama USA Restock! Pro Models, Bamboo Tributes, & Pills!


The 2014 Pro Model Kendamas have been customized to cater to each Pro’s unique style and personality. Each kendama has different engravings, designed by the pros, and cool custom paint jobs. Unlike the Tributized 2013 Pro Models, The 2014 Models use the Kaizen handle shape with traditional style assembly.


The Bamboo Tribute Kendama has a really cool looking and unique design. It’s made from compressed bamboo wood stock that gives it a really beautiful contrasting striped look. The Bamboo tends to have a lighter weight and a smoother feel than the typical Beechwood kens, as well as making a really nice noise during play!


The Pill is a kendama-like toy invented by the craftsmen at Terra Kendama that has been steadily growing in popularity. It’s incredibly simple, yet instantly addictive, and much easier to throw in your pocket than a kendama. Since first inventing the Pill, Terra Kendama has worked hard to hone the design for maximum playability.