just thought i had to share it



(Q) #2

How’d you find my video?


i think he could work on more yoyoing and less cigar box juggling and parkour!

(Mr. Nathan) #4

2:09 I think my brain exploded

(Jei Cheetah) #5

I think I am seeing someone who is not appreciating this individuals skill and is instead trying to bring himself up by saying “I YOYO BETTER THAN UUUUU”


Wow, I am thoroughly impressed at his level of competence at so many different things. That 3 color box thing was well done


no i just bet he’d like yoyoing, but cigar box juggling looks really fun

(Jei Cheetah) #8

Here is Aung Za’s newest showreel by the way.

(M²) #9

Sweet, I really like the box juggling.


W.C. Fields was a juggler. He did boxes long ago.


Ya’ I wonder how many times this video has been posted here. lol
I am fairly sure W.C. Fields invented cigar box juggling.


… wow. It’s kinda impressive… but I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop thinking “he really needs to get a life” the whole time. The music was just too much. But he’s pretty good at Skateboarding. I also like the diaboloing

(M²) #13

But then you gotta realize, just about everyone thinks the same thing about yoyoers…


Hahahahahah, ya I never thought of it that way.


Youngins I thought this video was legit for reals. It’s cool to see the end result, but what I find motivating is somebody who can pick themselves up when they fall, CHECK IT OUT.


Really enjoyed the outtakes.