Just Something to Think About

I was just yoyoing today and I had an epiphany of sorts. I thought I’d share it with you guys so you may not only use it to perhaps advance your yoyoing, but assert it throughout life as well.

I’ve been on break from college for about a week and a half now. About a week in, my brothers and I started one of our yoyoing sessions. Usually, when we start, our strides carry each other for a week or so until one of us finds another thing to learn. Being around them has significantly helped my advancement in yoyoing, and I’ve enjoyed every part of it.

As the session started, we were browsing tutorials through YouTube (mostly rethinkyoyo), and we came across chopsticks and a group of tricks which required chopstick maneuvers. We quickly picked up our yoyos and started trying it out. It was hard, but we all eventually started to get it.

Something happened significantly for myself though. Today, I started putting chopsticks in with other tricks and mounts. I thought to myself that being able to do it by itself is only half of the battle. In the beginning, I struggled because my dismount from a Double or Nothing was a little sloppy and the string slid across my finger to much to be able to do consistent chopsticks immediately after. By tonight, I was able to clean up both my chopsticks, and my dismount. I was simply delighted!

I’ve come to appreciate that learning simple things can significantly effect how well somebody can do something, in this case yoyoing. Not only that, but learning simple things in general can significantly impact one’s views and abilities throughout life. (huh, I used significant a whole bunch right there… oh well)

So, strive to learn people! You’ll never know when some small piece will come and change what you’ve been doing. :wink:

Happy Holidays! :smiley:


A great point to bring up!!! I completely agree with everything you say. All the time I watch videos of newer, but good throwers. They do great tricks; complicated, and advanced, but they lack finess. I see some person do ladder escape and then do this horrible robotic bind. Like basketball coaches everywhere, I’m going to say,“It’s all about the fundamentals!”