Jimmy hats or hubstacks

WHich came first
Jimmy Hats (by Werrd) or hubstacks (by YYF)?


i think hubstacks but

But what…

Hubstacks came before Jimmy Hats, and the “but” is they weren’t the first of this type of thing.

Search around you’ll come across it sooner or later.

Why do you ask?

Just Intreseted, and thought the XXXXL by werrd was a cool throw.
SO I decided to look into the jimmy hats.

Was a cool throw???

You mean IS a cool throw… hehe

I find JimmyHats the nicest to catch, they are not too big, not too small and your fingertips slide right into the centre of them when you catch them. Basically Hubstacks and JimmyHats serve the same purpose, but sadly most people don’t end up using them all that much.

Hubstacks came first. In fact, Werrd licences the hubstack tech from YYF.