Jansen's Song at CalStates

Anyone see Kimmit at CalStates when he sang? Does anyone have it on video?

You talking about when he sang baby? That was ahlirious! He took the mic from the kids hand, sung terribly and said"Can I get a kendama now?"

All the kids chased him around the mall for the kendama like fanboys of justin bieber lol!

Also i won a free box of girl scout cookies :slight_smile:

But man so many giveaways:

  • echo for dancing macarana
  • Eternal throw victory for answering what commercial called yoyo a weapon
  • kendama for dance off, singing baby, and something else
  • Teh yo for buying 20 boxes of girlscout cookies
  • Wrath for buying 40 boxes of girl scout cookies
  • throwing cookies to the audience
  • more i dont tremember
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Mountain Dew commercial

I know! I was laughing so hard! I was chasing him too, but he gave it to someone else. Does anyone have it on video?

Was it a Teh Yo or an Aware? I traded a kid there for a Rasta fade Aware who said he won it. He hadn’t even used it yet.

OMG does someone have video of it?

Who is ‘Jansen’? Lol you may want to edit the Title of the thread to Jensen…since that is his name.

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I have to see this now. This sound hilarious!

It is. And blame auto correct not me.


Sounds like a lot of fun.

Jensen was really awesome and full of personality. I thought he deserved higher than 5th place… I personally thought he did well enough for the top three, but that may just be me.

So no videos?

The entire event is up in SD at www.justin.tv/mysytv High Definition coming in the next week or so.

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Thanks, and it will be sad next year without you :’( I might get to go for the first time(I am in indiana) and you wont be running it. Hopefully JD does great, but thats a tough act to follow.

I am confident that JD can handle it. I will probably come, but this time I will be in the Audience

Well then I am not going to any contests this summer, and hopefully I will be able to afford plane tickets.

I want to go to a contest so bad I think I’m gonna toto Iowa states Illinois states and hopefully Indiana and ohio states I really want to go to a big contest though with lots of booths…

Indiana states has the most booths. Mid west classic has a lot as well. I usually go to all of these, except iowa states. Hope to see you at all of them.

Then there is Georgia States (If thats even a thing) and SER (Which I never hear of)