Hey guys!
Just wondering, what ever happen to the International Yoyo Open in New York?
I got to go two years in a row and it was always a great time. The contest was run very professionally and the competition was always top notch.
Looking back, I see they haven’t had it in a few years, is it coming back at some point? Or is it under a new name?
I have family in NY and the contest was a great way to get myself motivated to visit the area. :slight_smile:

The guy running it ripped off his business partners and fled the country.

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Wouldn’t have thought it, he was always super nice and very supportive of a person to talk and hang out with before.

I wish that was still on… The obly contest that would have been close enough for me to go to (im from north jersey). Come on Pat! I want to meet other throwers so bad…