is this ok, serves as a NEW response system rather than friction stickers?

Yep, silicone recessing is good response. But you need to have modding skills! But i would rather just get a yyj or yyf, don’t get a duncan. I would get a pgm if i were you.

It is pretty hard to get a consistent recess that is even on both sides of the yo-yo using this technique. I am not saying it doesn’t work, but if you don;t know what you are doing you will ruin a perfectly good yo-yo.

Practice this on the Duncan Mosquitoes. 5 bucks, who cares if you break them.

Problem is, this guy is in filipines(Spelling?!?!), and he can’t find/buy any :frowning: So he wants to get a flying squirrel or a fh0, but learnt abt the friction stickers problem.

totally wrong spelling of philippines yo!
what do you mean i cant understand?
what i mean here in our country…
not like america and other countries that yoyo is
not so popular here, so why yoyo sellers spend their business here?
i think they wont have at least 1 buyer a day.

i mean that not like in your country, u can buy it easily a yoyo, anywhere, like in wallmart, hobby stores etc.
because here “hobby stores” here are all sports thingy. no yoyo and other things =)

that’s what i mean ok?!?

Rsmod123 was trying to say that it is very hard to buy or find a yoyo store here in the philippines, but now that you want to buy a flying squirrel or a FH0 , you learned about the friction sticker problems, the problem that you might need to change the sticker once in a while. thats what he said.

and Rsmod123…IHateMatt means
that in our country its hard to find some good dealers here of yoyos, not like yours in america there are lots. he also said that yoyoing is not so popular here (but I dont think so, cuz there are many players already,yoyoing in the philippines is spreading,there is a yoyo community here already,some yoyo players showed their talent in tv shows, and im waiting for phil nats 09, lol)

so that basically what he meant rsmod123

Yeah i understand :wink: Btw, im in singapore haha

hahah, yeah I know, I can see it in your profile,but in singapore I know one yoyo shop there it still counts.Singapore,its close to the philippines a bit, might go there sometime and meet some singaporian players

yeah its an ok response system, just need to be a good modder though, and have a uber powerfull drill (lol)

just practice first on a broken/cheap yoyos you have

kinda off topic… but thats my yoyo… ;D

back on: this mod is much easier/better if you can get someone with a lathe to do it, a bit less margin for error.

Silicon recesses in FHZ are good, this is a fairly easy mod and a good one to begin with… or just do as your only modding.

If you decide to have a go at this make sure your tool is sharp and you take is slow and be careful as you go… especially as you can’t easily buy a new yoyo. Also make sure everything is kept nice and tight when all set up on the drill as to make it as stable at possible when spinning.

Also its dosen’t need to be exactly the same depth either side for the recess, just get it as near as possible - as long as its a few mm deep it should be ok… Also you don’t need to be a good modder (just careful), many people do this as a first mod (so take it slow), and the drill dosen’t need to be that powerful.

Good luck with it if you attempt it, Skip’s tutorial is quite a good one (although he now has a lathe and that there drill in the vid has since passed away…)