Is this an avalanche or a Sasquatch?







I think it’s a Sasquatch, and not because I have one that looks like it(or same colorway).

The Avalanche has a cut right where the rim changes the angle. This doesn’t look as well defined.

Like this:

Matterhorn Avalanche:

My Sasquatch(who has this colorway name?):

And my Comeback Avalanche:


sASquatch, but if the seller cant even tell the difference, dont buy it.


Edited: Ava.


Actually I believe it is an Avalanche. The profile shot is blurry but the rim cut where the rim transitions to the catch zone is sort of visible. Definitely needs a better shot to clear things up.



Whattt! Thats a definite avalanche. He really needs to post clearer pictures.


It is an avalanche.


Avalanche guys, check again.


To the extent of my knowledge, the little ridge between the rims and the catch zone is a dead give-away. Avalanche for sure.




Wow, and in the other thread everyone said “Sasquatch.” Phew, my money is safe.


Sasquatch has no rim cuts (or steps, whatever you call them but you get the idea), Avalanche does :wink:


Oh man. The cuts are clear in this and that is an Avalanche. Wow.


Thats a cheeseburger yo…


Amazing what a difference a decent picture can make.


Redbike, good sir.


Thank you very much. Database updated.