Is there anyother trick/combo besides ladder escape that uses the ladder mount?

Well is there?

Is there a well known trick? I don’t know

The thing with tricks these days is that there are so many of them. People say they are making up tricks, but most are really just combos with most of the elements stolen from other people. I would only consider a few moves actual “tricks” (boingy-boing, suicide, etc.) Even Ladder Escape is a combo in my opinion.

So someone has definitely done SOMETHING else, but if you want to know if there is a more well-known trick, you’ll have to wait for someone that does 1A

make one up, it’s a fun mount to play with. Andre invented ladder escape so if there was another one it would probably come from him but you never know.

One of my favorites :slight_smile:

I may have another Ladder Mount tutorial out soon…