Is there a successor to the 2Sick x Radical Seas Tempo


I went to a yoyo contest recently, and Monthly Throw had the Tempo Yoyo there. I really wanted to buy it but when I went online, they were nowhere except for Monthly Throw. So I was wondering if there was a successor to the Tempo like the Knight, or if there is a 2Sick or Radical Seas yoyo the same price or cheaper that is better than the Tempo.


Good question! Did you try emailing Radical Seas? I know they have the Siren 2.0 and the Satyr recently…

(Unspoken Project) #3

The Tempo ring design was based off of the Knights ring design. That’s about as close as they get, but the knight plays much differently than the Tempo. I would say the Tempo is more laid back because its organic.

You might be able to find a Tempo on the BST for a pretty fair price, I’ve seen them sell for around $80 mint before.


There’s one on the FB bst right now for $50


since the release of the tempo i don’t think rad seas or 2sick have put out anything that’s really in the same ballpark. that said, more tempos could be made Someday Maybe