Iron Whip World Record Attempt

From MA States 2011.
I didn’t quite get the guy’s name. If anyone knows, please share.
He got 149 I believe, and the record is 194.

Quite insane! I can do the jade whip but the iron whip gives me so many problems doing one or two much less 149

I still need the guy’s name. If you went to the contest, or you just somehow know, please share!

That is Nick Gumlaw.

He also has a new yo-yo coming out soon called the Smooth Move - his company is Spin Dynamics. Definitely one to watch!


Yay it’s André! :smiley:

thats what I was thinking! lol

Idk… I seems kinda pointless. With a trick like iron whip, if you know how to do it well, then you can basically do it as many times as your want until you hit a spot of bad luck.