Introducing the MonkeyfingeR Design Gelada

or if copyrights be hating: (this link will be live shortly)

Hey folks! I’m really excited to share this one, I spent 3 weeks working on this video and months creating some of the tricks that went into it. I hope you enjoy it, please share it if you like it :slight_smile: And definitely keep an eye out for MonkeyfingeR Design’s Gelada, it’s coming out soon and is a monster of a yo-yo :slight_smile: I’m in love with mine :wink:


Diggin the work there Mike…

So how does this throw compare to the first MonkeyFinger throw? Or the soon to be released Lux?

this is too good.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

This one is a totally different animal than the Evil-Yo, the weight feels better to me, it’ll definitely put MonkeyfingeR on the map. This one is actually the Lux, but the name had to be changed, it was too similar to a yo-yo released by YoYoJam a year ago. So they decided to go with Gelada, which is the name of a rather viscous looking monkey:

Thanks for the questions! :slight_smile:

Sweet! I’ve seen picks of the “Lux” and I’ve been drooling… now I’m that much more excited for this little monkey… Thanks Mike!

Sweet tricks. Do you have any idea when this thing will hit the stores?

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Thank you! From what the team has been told SOON :slight_smile: Hopefully really soon, because I want way more than just two haha :smiley: