Insane 2sick chessboard collection

I am sure @yomagic has seen this but I swear it’s one of the most amazing collections I’ve ever encountered, to this day. Every “chess” 2sick yoyo arranged on a chessboard in the proper place – pawns, kings, queens, bishops, knights, castles …


Source user anmo_ on Reddit. This still blows my mind!

Also much love :cupid: for 2sick, their stuff is fantastic.


Does anyone have a list of all 2sick models ever released? I’ve noticed that they release a lot of yoyos, just this year I can think of

  • Olympiad
  • Blockade
  • Promotion
  • Decoy

Obviously there are the pure chess piece themed ones, as you can see above like Knight, Bishop, Castle, Queen, King, Pawn… but so many more!

I wish yo-yo companies did a better job of documenting all their cool releases, all the cool colorways… :confused:

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