Infinity Gauntlet - YoYoSkills Tutorial


awesome i just got it

No “Attention! Attention!” in the beginning :’(

that trick was pretty easy to learn

I love how you put the comic cover in the beginning! That made my day even more!

awesome, and a whole lot easier than it looks.
thank you dryoyo!

Such a simple trick, yet so amazing ;D You really Make the Simple Amazing!

But still, I really don’t get how the heck people are able to understand how to do it just by watching you at full speed, it seems so hard to understand what you’re doing until you explain. Yeah, I’m jealous. Grr. ;D :smiley:

Wow, simple yet awesome! Now that is true yo-yoing! Forget about those cool tricks that win worlds, these tricks are where real pros come from! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: