Indiana throwers


Any throwers in Indiana? Specifically the north eastern part.


ME!!! Where you at?like what city


I live in greenfield. What about you?


Goshen, near south bend.Its 3 hours :’(


Well that sucks. Maybe sometime we’ll meet up. Are you planning on going to states?


Yeah, i went last year too.


I wasn’t yoyoing then. I plan on going this year too. We will have to meet up there.


I’ll be going to Purdue in West Lafayette in the fall semester!! :smiley:


Good! We need more throws in Indiana! I’m also going to start Kendama too.


Dude, same. But using the spike is like satan. D:


Haha I won’t get mine till tomorrow or Tuesday. My problem is that I won’t be able to get the hole to line up with the spike, and I already l know it haha.


I’m north eastern. Lagrange, Indiana.


Granger Indiana here


You’re both far from me, but you’re closeto each other!


Actually all three of us




I know I’m really late to see this post, but I go to Purdue as well.
Will also be a Indiana states tomorrow if you are going.


Does anyone live near plainfield indiana that throws?


I’m about an hour away in greenfield.


Hey, I do!

Actually, I live right down the street from you.

And we throw together all the time… :smiley: