I'm a noobie and I need help please.

Let me start off by saying I got the check list from yoyo expert when I got my DV888 on Monday and I’ve made it to the Intermediate column.

My best trick / combo is a Double or Nothing to Trapeze into a Reverse Trapeze with a return.

The more I practice my Bind Returns, Trapeze, Brain Twisters I notice that my string gets very, very twisted. The so called, Spaghetti string. Am I doing something wrong that my string is getting so twisted? It seems that every 6 or 8 throws I have to untwist the string.

Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Congratulations. I am there as well. I’m working on my bind return before I really dive into intermediate. But if you’re doing double or nothing, you’re past where I am and I’m a noob right now too.

First, check out any videos that address string tension. That’s important. For me, I just take the yoyo off, unwind the string, hold the yoyo up and let the string untension itself.

One of the issues is that you’re tensioning the string even during wind, then at 6-8 throws, you’ve added another 3-4 twists for sure into the string.

For me, right now, I want to move foward by focussing on binding, then go into the intermediate tricks. After I am most of the way through with that, string tension will be another item I work on. I found a video on another store site that showed a really good way to deal with string tension, but there’s also videos here that deal with that.

No, string tension issues are perfectly normal. Like Chris said, you can let the yoyo just spin and the botton or take it off your hand and let it spin that way, but there are better and easier (not to mention cooler-looking) ways of doing this. I’ll assume that you are using a responsive yoyo by your self-proclaimed skill level of “noobie.” You can do a trick called sidewinder, which I believe is covered in this site under Learn>Intermediate>String Tension. If not, post back and I’ll explain it. Once you move on to unresponsive yoyoing, there are hundreds of forum threads on how to deal with tension. Just google “unresponsive yoyo string tension” or something like that. Or make a new thread and I’m sure the nice people here would explain some of the methods (of which there are many).

well he said he got a dv888, and he was practicing bind returns, so I’m pretty sure he’s using unresponsive.
here’s what I usually use
there are a lot of other variations to this, but that’s just what I usually use.
of course the let the yoyo spin at the bottom of the string, and the take the string off your finger and let it spin off also works.

That was one of the ones I was thinking of.

Another one is right here:  http://www.rethinkyoyo.com/2/post/2009/08/string-tension.html

This one looks a bit easier in my opinion.

Thanks for the help guys. That will make a big difference.

Now I have to figure out why my DV888 has become responsive enough to do tug returns. Yesterday the bearing was making an awful noise and felt like it was grinding. Kinda ticked about that, the yoyo was only 3 days old.

So, I followed the steps to clean the bearing and it seemed to work better but now I can do tug returns. I even put a fresh slick 6 full poly string on with no results.

No, I didn’t damage the response pads when I removed the bearing.
Yes, I used proper lube after cleaning the bearing.

this is why
you just have to break in the lube :slight_smile:
if you want it dead unresponsive right away, clean it and don’t lube it.

a bit of lube will make it responsive at first. Just keep playing with it. It’ll become unresponsive again pretty soon.

Awesome, thanks guys

P.S. my KonKave Bearing should be here tomorrow! I got a little worried when my bearing was grinding so I ordered one.

You will eventually not like your kk. Everybody does. It’s ok though. It’s good to experiment.

It’s funny you said that because I had two Northstars, one with the original KK and one without. I liked the flat bearing one alot better.